What is a Skateboard Heat Transfer Printing Machine

What is a Skateboard Heat Transfer Printing Machine

A skateboard heat transfer printing machine is a device specially designed for printing on skateboards.

Its main features are:

1. Designed for skateboards: Considering the shape and size of skateboards, the machine adopts a printing fixture matching the curved surface of skateboards.

2. Large area printing: It can print large patterns across the entire bottom surface of the skateboard.

3. High temperature transfer: Using 180-220°C high temperature transfer, the printed patterns penetrate deep into the skateboard material.

4. Automatic flipping: Mechanical arms can automatically flip the skateboard for double-sided printing.

5. Multi-color printing: Multi-color transfer modules can be configured to enable color image printing.

6. High precision: Adopting a hot press platform ensures fixed skateboards during printing for precision up to 600dpi.

7. Fast printing: Professional equipment can print over 100 boards per hour.

8. Intelligent control: PLC and touch screen controls make operation simple.

9. Burn prevention: Thermal insulation layers protect print operators.

10. Modular design: Different functional units are modular for customized configurations.

In summary, the skateboard thermal transfer printer enables efficient, convenient personalized skateboard printing, an ideal device for DIY skateboard making. 

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