Collection: Bar Counter

Bar Counter  package combination completes the dream of opening a milk tea shop in one step

Advantages of using refrigeration equipment such as milk tea catering:

1.Bar Counter equipment makes the product simple and fast. Simple and intuitive, the operation is smooth and convenient, and the function integration is high.

2.Bar Counter equipment products have stable performance and low maintenance rate. Reduce business failures and business risks.

3.Bar Counter equipment is fully functional and can cover all aspects of the production of catering products.

Normal temperature type: This type of milk tea console equipment should be relatively basic equipment, without a refrigerator/freezer, with a pool. Advantages: With a pool, it is convenient for daily cleaning; without a refrigerator/freezer, you need to buy an additional fresh-keeping cabinet to store the raw materials of milk tea, which increases the cost

Frozen type: The new milk tea console equipment has blue light and no blue light, with strong practical performance.
Advantages: The raw materials for making milk tea can be stored in the own refrigerator, and there is no need to purchase additional fresh-keeping cabinets; Disadvantages: no pool. In fact, these two styles have their own advantages, buyers should choose according to their actual needs when purchasing milk tea console equipment!Bar Counter