Manual Stacker 2200lbs 63" Lift Height Adjustable Fork

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operation steps
1.close the unloading valve, shake the upper and lower hands (or up and down pedal), at this time, the chain drives the fork to rise slowly. the unloading valve, the pressure oil in the oil tank flows back into the tank, the piston rod drops, and the fork parts can fall down naturally to the bottom. (the speed of the natural descent speed can be controlled by the opening of the unloading valve).
3.the operation of attention is stable, if found stuck, noise, non movement and other abnormal circumstances should be adjusted and maintained in a timely manner.
Model  MD10
Rated Load Capacity 2200lbs (1000kg)
Lifting Height 63inch (1600mm)
Fork Length 31.5inch ( 800mm )
Fork Lowered Height 4.2inch ( 105mm )
Adjustable Fork Width 7.9inch-23inch ( 200-580mm )
Turning Radius ≤57inch (1450mm )
Truck Weight 253lbs ( 69kg )

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