FF6B hotpot seasoning, chili sauce, nut butter, grain paste filling machine, cream bottle filling machine with mixer hopper

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Bottle filling machine for hotpot seasoning, chili sauce grain paste products, oil cream paste filling machine with mixer hopper

Model: FF6B-50 FF6B-100 FF6B-300 FF6B-500 FF6B-1000 FF6B-2500 FF6B-5000
Filling range: 5-50ml (0.17-1.7oz) 10-100ml (0.34-3.4oz) 30-300ml (1-10oz) 50-500ml   ( 1.69-16.9oz) 100-1000ml (3.38-33.8oz) 250-2500ml (8.45-84.5oz) 500-5000ml (16.9-169oz)
Filling nozzle: one nozzle
Filling speed: 10-40 times/min
Filling accuracy: within 1%
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPA
Control mode: electric and pneumatic
Hopper capacity: 30L
Packaging dimension: 88*75*42cm 88*75*42cm
Weight: 62kg/136lb 70kg/154lb

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