Blister packing machine DPP-80 Automatic Alu Pvc Blister Packing Machine,FOR CAPSULE,PILL,TOFFEE,ALCOHOL,HONEY,OIL,

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Blister packing machine

Blister packing machine

Capsule blister packing machine Scope application:

The flat-plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is an improved product of our factory based on user needs. It is
suitable for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospital preparation rooms, food,electronics, hardware and other industries. package of. It has the effects of preventing moisture and dust, improving the grade of product packaging, and increasing added value. It is suitable for mass production of single varieties.

Capsule blister packing machine Full Features

* Adjustable stroke, mold positioning, easy mold replacement, accurate plate alignment, contact heating, positive pressure blow molding;
* Automatic blanking, various molds and blanking devices can be designed according to user requirements;
* The cylinder is heat-sealed, and the heat-sealing mold is automatically separated when it is stopped, which will not burn the packaging and extend the service life of the machine;
* Can choose tangent indentation, batch number;
* Adopt manipulator to clamp and feed, linear reciprocating operation, accurate and reliable synchronization;
Blister packing machine
Blister packing machine
Blister packing machine
Blister packing machine
Blister packing machine


DPP-80 Blister Packing Machine


10~40 times/min

Production Capacity

2300 plates/h

Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth

80*110*15mm Max. Depth26mm(custom-made)

Power of Main Motor


Total Power







Net weight 350 kg Gross weight390 kg

Overall Size of Machine

1996*592*1229 mm

Blister packing machine



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