Carton Packing Machine Automatic Carton Sealing Machine Case Cealing Machine Cross sealing machine

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carton packing machine

Carton packing machine is a Semi Automatic Carton Sealing Machine which is suitable for sealing the top and botton part of carton. It is widely used in many industries and has brought great convenience to customers. 
Its stable performance, a classical and economical model, has been sold well. 
It can seal 20-30 cartons per minute
Switch carton specifications, manual adjustment only takes 12 seconds

1. Joint venture brand dual motors, large load capacity, fast and stable operation transmission, high electrical configuration, durable

2. Well-known brand conveyor belt, strong grip, firm and wear-resistant, long service life

3. Advanced sealing liner, cutting certificate, beautiful sealing

4. The machine is equipped with movable casters, which are convenient to move and save effort. After the casters are moved with brakes, they are firmly fixed and not easy to slide.

5. Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental stabbing during operation, which is safer

6. Equipped with stainless steel workbench, independent operation, convenient for workers to pack

7. Carton packing machine with independent switch, simple operation, convenient and quick to use

8. The key parts are made of tire mold and laser cutting 

Carton Packing Machine

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