Automatic Price Bottle Unscrambler Machine For Glass Medicine Plastic Bottle

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Product Application

The bottle machine turntable drives the product to rotate automatically. The product is close to the edge of the turntable under the fluctuation of the bottle puller. The product is transported to other equipment or countertops along the bottle tank of the bottle unscrambler.

220/110V 50Hz
Turntable diameter
800mm (can be customized according to bottle size)
Applicable product range
Diameter:ø20mm~ø100mm Height: 20mm~150mm
1)It is suitable for automatic transmission of round and square bottles, such as conveyor belt connected to labeling machine, filling machine and capping machine, automatic feeding, improving efficiency; can be applied to the intermediate connection of the assembly line, as a buffer platform, minus Short conveyor belt length.
2)The applicable bottle range can be adjusted freely. The bottle conveying speed is 30~200 bottles/min. The speed can be adjusted steplessly to facilitate production arrangement.
3)Putting on, collecting and sorting products, reducing labor intensity and improving efficiency.
4)The structure is relatively simple, stable and reliable.