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CECLE Machine

6.8-34 OZ Semi-Auto Paste Filling Machine with Mixing Hopper

6.8-34 OZ Semi-Auto Paste Filling Machine with Mixing Hopper

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1. U-shaped hopper, large capacity, more even mixing

2. Hopper tilting design for easy discharge

3. The machine is made of quality stainless steel which has good performance on acid or alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Easy operation and maintenance.

5. Filling quantity and speed can be adjusted freely and precisely.

6. Adopting vacuum returning or instant cut off, it avoids drawing or leaking as found in similar products

7. The machine can be used insingle or equipped in an assembly line.

 Operation Procedure

A. Check accessories and attached parts according to components list when you first unpack the machine after receipt. Put power line in relevant socket.

B. Connect and install attached parts with the machine Plug pedal switch and power line into relevant socket ,then connect the charging barrel and change valve and clamp it.

C. Put the machine on a stable working table . (Put it on a flat floor if it is a floortype)

D. Check to see if there is any fastening component loosened and flexible parts component clamped.

E. Check if the ground line is well connected

F. Put through air supply (customer should prepare a air compressor with 35L capacityand over 1.5KW ). Remove any dusts, impurities, etc. in the pipeline so as to avoidany possible damage to pneumatic components caused by this.

G. Connect to power supply .

Filling volume range

6.8 - 34 oz (200 - 1000ml)

Hopper capacity

13.2 gal (50L)

Filling precision


Operation efficiency

10 - 18 pcs/min

Filling nozzle diameter

20mm (25/32‘’)


110V, 60Hz


0.03 hp (20W)

Air supply pressure

78 - 135 PSI

Applicable temperature

Max. 248°F

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