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What is CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

A CO2 laser engraving machine uses a carbon dioxide laser to engrave or mark materials. The CO2 laser beam is directed at the material surface to precisely engrave grooves, marks, and patterns. Some key points about CO2 laser engraving machines:• They use an air-cooled CO2 laser that produces infrared laser light at 10.6 micrometers wavelength. This wavelength is well absorbed by non-metallic materials like wood, plastic, glass, leather, stone, etc. So CO2 lasers are ideal for engraving and marking these materials.• They can achieve deep engraving depths ranging from 0.5 mm to over 100 mm, depending on the laser power. The laser can cut into or through materials with high precision.• They have a computer-controlled drive system to direct the laser head. CAD and digital image files can be used to engrave custom patterns, graphics, text, and logos. The laser head moves over the material surface to engrave the design.• They provide a non-contact engraving process so no tooling or blades are required. This eliminates tool wear or breakage and produces a clean finish without tool marks. High resolution and precision are possible.• They work at high speeds. A CO2 laser can engrave across a large surface area very quickly, minimizing the number of passes required. This increases productivity and throughput.• They typically produce a smooth, polished finish rather than a rugged cut. However, for some materials additional finishing may be required to suit the application.• They require an exhaust system to remove toxic fumes when engraving certain plastics. Fume extractors and filters help remove gases and provide ventilation.• They are ideal for product customization, souvenirs, industrial parts marking, model making, signage, and other applications. Many materials can be engraved for decorative or professional uses.• They provide permanency. The laser actually cuts into the material surface, creating long-lasting marks and designs that will not fade or wear off easily.

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