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How does the flat screen printing machine print?

The printing principle of flatbed silk screen printer mainly uses the method of selectively transferring ink through the silk screen mesh to control the area where the ink is transferred to the material, achieving the effect of printing patterns. It prints patterns with good layering and delicacy, mainly for flat printing, such as printing fabrics, paper and packaging bags.

The printing process of flatbed silk screen printer is as follows:
1. Add ink: Place the silk screen frame of the silk screen printer on the ink tank, adjust the pressure and angle of the ink knife and silk screen, and scrape the ink on the silk screen so that the mesh holes of the silk screen are filled with ink.
2. Mounting: Place the materials to be printed, such as fabrics and paper, on the worktable of the silk screen printer.
3. Scraping: Use the squeegee (silk screen scraper) to scrape the ink on the silk screen onto the material with uniform force and speed, starting from one end of the silk screen.
4. Unmounting: Remove the printed material from the worktable, completing one printing cycle.
5. Then repeat the steps of adding ink, mounting, scraping and unmounting for the next printing cycle.
6. When all materials have been printed, clean the silk screen thoroughly, wash the silk screen printer with water, and prepare for the next batch of production.

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