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Discuss the process flow of the skin packaging machine

The process flow of skin packing machine is mainly divided into the following steps:1. Supply and preparation of packaging materials: Provide packaging materials such as paperboard and plastic film flatly into the cartoning machine, and cut them into specified sizes and shapes, preparing for packaging. 

2. Product conveying: Orderly convey the products to be packaged into the packaging area of the cartoning machine to achieve automatic continuous feeding. 

3. Positioning and conveying of packaging materials: Precisely convey and position the cut packaging materials to the packaging position and adhere them to the surface of the products. 

4. Execute the packaging process: The packaging materials will be precisely adhered to the surface of the products to achieve automatic packaging. If it is a vacuum cartoning machine, the vacuum suction process will be realized here.

5. Packaging inspection: After the packaging is completed, the overall packaging and adhesion tightness will be inspected to ensure that the standard requirements are met and high-quality packaging is achieved.

6. Finished product outlet: The qualified finished product packaging products will be automatically conveyed out of the cartoning machine, preparing for subsequent packing and storage. 

7. Troubleshooting and maintenance: During the operation of the cartoning machine, various performance indicators will be automatically monitored. In case of abnormality, an alarm will be issued in time and the machine will be shut down to eliminate the fault. Regular maintenance is required to ensure normal functioning of the equipment.   In summary, the process flow of cartoning machine is fully automated. Through mechanical transmission and electrical control systems, each process step is precisely controlled without manual intervention. This can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure consistent and stable packaging. It is the direction and inevitable result of the development of modern packaging industry. 

The application of skin packing machine enables product packaging to enter a new stage of automated production from manual process, bringing opportunities for industrial upgrading and broad future development prospects.

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