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Characteristics of shredded meat machine

- Powerful motor - A high torque motor (usually 1 HP or more) provides slicing power to cut smoothly and quickly through meat.- Sharp stainless steel blade

- The circular blade is made of sturdy stainless steel and stays razor sharp for clean cuts.- Variable thickness control

- Adjustment knobs allow changing slice thickness from paper-thin to thick chunks.- Large slicing capacity

- Commercial slicers can slice extra-large cuts of meat, hams, roasts, etc. with the large carriage and blade.- Anodized aluminum construction - The durable anodized aluminum base and carriage allow easy meat release and quick cleanup.

- Ergonomic carriage handle - The carriage handle utilizes leverage for easy back-and-forth shaving motion even when slicing heavy meats.

- Blade cover and holder - The food carriage cover and built-in blade holder safely cover the blade when not in use.

- Non-slip feet - Rubberized feet keep the slicer firmly planted on the counter during vigorous operation.

- Auto on/off function - Automatically turns on when the carriage is moved and off when not in use for safety.

- Easy to sanitize - Removable parts allow thorough cleaning to meet commercial hygiene standards.

- Built-in sharpener - Integrated whetstones let you conveniently sharpen the blade on-site for continued peak performance.  

Commercial automatic one-step double-knife meat shredding machine

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