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Benefits of choosing Mantou machine

• High output: Commercial machines can produce hundreds of buns per hour to meet large-scale production needs. Home models can also produce buns efficiently in smaller quantities.

• Automated operation: Many machines have automatic filling, folding and ejecting functions that only require one or two operators. This greatly improves efficiency and output.

• Adjustable bun size: Adjustable thickness rollers and cutting knives allow the machine to produce buns of different sizes. This makes them suitable for producing a variety of buns.

• Powerful motor: Commercial machines typically have a 1 HP or more powerful motor to drive automated functions and high-speed production. Home model motors are also robust enough for basic operations.

• Non-stick coatings: Thickness rollers and other parts typically have non-stick coatings like Teflon or silicone to prevent dough from sticking to the machine. This aids in rapid and effortless bun production. 

• Removable and easy to clean: Key parts like thickness rollers and cutting knives are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Combined with non-stick coated surfaces, the entire machine is easy to clean and maintain.

 • Safety features: Commercial machines typically have safety features like overflow controls, emergency stop buttons and overload protection. This ensures safe and efficient operation. 

• Optional attachments: Some models offer optional attachments like mixers, bread ovens, etc. These attachments increase the functionality and automation level of the machines. 

• Durable construction: Commercial machines are typically made of durable metal alloys and rugged plastics to withstand high-volume continuous use. Home models are also quite sturdy and durable. 

• Space efficient: Machines typically have a compact vertical design to save kitchen space. Especially suitable for small kitchens in commercial production environments. 

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