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Working principle of UV light curing machine

The working principle of UV curing machine is to use the light curing effect of ultraviolet radiation to achieve instant drying or curing of the ink or coating layer produced by coating and printing. The core of this technology is to use ultraviolet rays generated by UV ultraviolet lamps to irradiate the ink or coating layer, causing the photosensitive resin contained in it to undergo polymerization and cross-linking, quickly turning the liquid containing the resin into a solid, achieving curing and smoothing effects.UV curing machines are widely used in printing, coating, packaging, electronics and other industries.The main features of UV curing machines are: fast curing speed, high energy efficiency, pollution-free to the environment, suitable for high-speed production lines, but high equipment investment and operating costs, only suitable for photocurable inks and coatings.
The working process of UV curing machine mainly includes the following steps:
1. The base material that needs to undergo light curing process, such as paper, plastic film, etc., is transported to the UV curing area through the conveying system.
2. The uncured ink/coating layer has been coated or printed on the surface of the base material. After entering the UV curing area of the UV curing machine, it will gradually approach the light curing light source of the UV curing machine.
3. When the uncured ink or coating layer enters the ultraviolet irradiation range of the UV curing source, the photoinitiator and photocurable resin in the ink/coating layer begin a photochemical reaction to produce polymerization and cross-linking, and the ink/coating quickly changes to a solid state.
4. As the base material is continuously conveyed, the entire ink/coating layer passes through the UV curing source, completing the transformation from liquid to solid and achieving the effect of light curing.
5. The light-cured base material is transported out of the UV curing machine through the outlet system and becomes a finished product.

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