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Why Steaks Need Vacuum Skin Packaging?

1. Maximized freshness. Vacuum packaging removes oxygen and prevents oxidation, allowing steaks in boxes to stay up to 10 times fresher than unwrapped ones. The bright red color and freshness can be maintained for weeks.

2. Reduced contamination. The airtight seal inhibits exposure to air, bacteria, viruses and molds. It ensures food safety and longer shelf life for boxed steaks. 

3. Locked-in flavors and aromas. The tight seal locks in the natural juices, flavors and aromas of the steaks. It prevents moisture loss and helps steaks in boxes retain a just-packaged taste and smell.

4. Withstand shipping. The securely sealed packs are suitable for transport and temperature changes during shipping and distribution. It prevents leaking and protects boxed steaks from contamination during transit.  

5. Premium presentation. The clear packaging provides an unobstructed view of the steaks in the boxes. The intact shapes of steaks are prominently displayed, highlighting quality and freshness to customers.

6. Convenient cooking. The packs can go straight from freezer to cooking methods like boiling, grilling or sous vide. There is no need to thaw before opening, reducing risks of spoilage or foodborne illness from boxed steaks. 

7. Resealable. Any leftover steaks in the boxes can be resealed for future use. The seal creates an airtight environment each time it is opened and resealed to keep steaks fresh.In summary, vacuum skin packaging offers substantial benefits for selling steaks in boxes, especially in maximizing freshness, ensuring food safety and providing premium quality to customers. Steak producers and sellers should adopt this technology to improve product quality and customer satisfaction. 

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