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What is perfume filling machine

A perfume filler is an automated device that can efficiently fill perfume liquids into perfume bottles of different capacities.

Its main roles and functions include:

1. Precise measuring. It can accurately measure the amount of perfume that needs to be filled into the perfume bottle.

2. High efficiency. It can quickly complete the filling work, greatly improving production efficiency. 

3. Automation. The perfume filler can automatically fill perfume liquids into bottles of different models and sizes.  

4. Stability. It can provide stable and uniform filling speed to ensure consistency of perfume liquid specifications.

5. Safety. It is usually equipped with safety doors and shutdown devices to prevent dangers during operation.   

The main working principle is to achieve precise measurement and high-efficiency filling through vacuum suction and pressure injection.The main parts include:

1. Perfume liquid feeding system

2. Vacuum suction system 

3. Pressure injection system

4. Perfume bottle turntable system

5. Control systemIn summary, the perfume filler is a device that uses automated means to achieve efficient and stable filling. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

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