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What is DK-50 Multi-function Capper

The DK-50 multi-function capper is an automated capping equipment mainly used for capping and sealing various bottles and cans.

Its main features include:

1. Adopts electric actuators for fast capping speed and high efficiency.

2. Can adapt to different materials, sizes of bottles, cans and caps.

3. Integrates functions like forming, coding, flexible to use.

4. PLC control system, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.

5. Capping parameters adjustable to ensure sealing effect.

6. Equipped with bottle/can positioning device for stable screwing.

7. Optional weighing, detecting devices to improve product qualification rate.

8. Smooth running, low noise, high safety.

9. Compact structure, small footprint, easy mobility.

10. Simple daily maintenance, long service life.

In summary, the DK-50 multi-function capper has simple operation, high capping efficiency, suitable for small batch production and also large-scale automated capping. It is a very practical capping equipment for food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries. 

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