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What is a high-speed cylindrical UV printer?

High-speed cylindrical UV printer is a high-speed digital printing press specially used for printing on the surface of large-diameter cylindrical materials. Different from UV printers for flat materials, it adopts a special mechanical design and functional modules to achieve high-speed and high-precision all-surface printing on cylindrical materials.
High-speed cylindrical UV printers adopt digital control and UV curing technology. The whole machine is designed scientifically and reasonably, with precise and efficient action. It is widely used in cylindrical printing of various advertising gifts, furniture and other industries, such as processing of large-diameter cylindrical materials such as cups, thermos cups, buckets, wooden barrels, etc.

The main characteristics of high-speed cylindrical UV printers are:
1. The printing mechanism adopts rolling linear guides and roller brackets, which can load cylindrical materials of different diameters. The mechanism design is ingenious and the movement is stable and accurate.
2. High-power UV curing lamps are used to quickly cure the printed ink to meet the requirements of high-speed printing. Single-pass printing speeds up the printing speed.
3. High-precision encoders are used to control the moving trajectory and speed of each functional component to accurately match the cylinder diameter and ensure the printing effect.
4. Fully automatic control system, just select the print file and set related parameters, convenient and fast. Support variable data printing.
5. Clear and durable printing, can withstand long-term outdoor use. Special cylindrical UV ink and rubber rollers are used, which are less prone to wear and printing defects.
6. Optional automatic loading and unloading device can continuously and automatically complete the loading, unloading and printing of multiple cylinders, greatly improving production efficiency.
7. Independently designed multi-functional processing head, can choose printing, film coating, cutting, milling and other functions as needed. One machine for multiple purposes, increasing flexibility of use.

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