What is a 3D Slipper Heat Transfer Printing Machine

What is a 3D Slipper Heat Transfer Printing Machine

3D slipper thermal transfer printing machine is a specialized device for printing on slippers. Its characteristics are:

1. Designed for slippers: Considering the curved surface of slippers, the machine adopts a printing fixture that matches the shape of slippers.

2. 3D printing: It can fully print images and text on the surface of slippers to achieve true 3D effects.

3. High temperature transfer: Printing is done at 190-210°C to make the colors penetrate deep into the material to avoid peeling off.

4. Multi-station printing: Professional equipment can be configured for multi-step processing, printing the inner and outer sides of both slippers simultaneously.

5. Double-sided printing: Mechanical hands automatically flip the slippers for inner and outer design.

6. High productivity: Fast printing speed up to 800-1000 pairs per hour.

7. Intelligent: PLC control, LCD touch screen operation improves printing accuracy.

8. Safety protection: Equipped with safety doors and power failure protection for operational safety.

In summary, the 3D slipper printer can automatically create personalized slipper designs, an ideal device for footwear customization production. 

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