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The advantages of using fully pneumatic horizontal paste filling machine

Here are the advantages of using fully pneumatic horizontal paste filler:

1. Automated production: Fully pneumatic automatic control throughout the process reduces manual operation, greatly improves production efficiency and capacity, and reduces labor costs. 

2. High precision filling: Pneumatic metering system and membrane valves are used with a metering accuracy of up to ±1% to achieve high-precision automatic filling. 

3. Anti-pollution: Horizontal operation and fully enclosed conveying system effectively prevent external pollutants from entering, ensuring product hygiene and quality safety. 

4. Wide application: It can be used for filling emulsions, pastes, liquids, etc. in cosmetics, daily chemicals, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.  

5. Stable and reliable: The pneumatic system has no sliding friction parts, smooth and reliable mechanical operation, and no faults for long-term operation. 

6. Corrosion resistance: Corrosion-resistant materials are selected and suitable for the filling of products with active chemical properties. 

7. Low maintenance: The durable pneumatic system is easy to maintain, reducing downtime for repairs and subsequent use costs. 

8. Energy saving and environmental protection: Pneumatic drive works steadily and reliably without frequent starting and stopping, with high energy efficiency and good energy saving and emission reduction effects. 

9. Low noise: Pneumatic drive and shock absorption measures are used with an operating noise below 70 dB, providing a comfortable working environment. 

In summary, the fully pneumatic horizontal paste filler integrates automation, high precision, wide applicability and energy saving. It is an ideal packaging and filling solution for cosmetics and pharmaceutical production. The use of this equipment can maximize cost reduction and increase corporate profitability.

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