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Parameters of Heating Wire for Box Wrapping Machine

The main parameters of heating wire for box wrapping machine include:

1. Wire diameter: usually 0.5-1mm. Smaller diameter increases resistance and heat generation.

2. Material: nickel-chromium alloy or 304 stainless steel to ensure high-temperature oxidation resistance.

3. Load current: determined by wire diameter and annular diameter, generally 2-10A.

4. Voltage rating: 220V or 380V to match laminating machine power.

5. Working temperature: up to 300°C.

6. Annular inner diameter: designed based on heating pipe diameter, e.g. Φ20-Φ50mm.

7. Annular diameter: designed based on film width, e.g. 100-600mm.

8. Oxidation resistance temperature: 300°C+ to ensure lifespan.

9. Insulation material: silica fiber or high-temperature glass fiber.

10. Continuous use time: 2000+ hours.

11. Price: affected by annular diameter and material.

In summary, matching parameters heating wire can fully exert heating effect and is key for laminating system. 

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