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How to operate box wrapping machine

Here are the specific steps to use the box wrapping machine:

1. Select wrapping machine film: Select PET film, BOPP film or PVC film according to needs. Different materials have different properties and prices.

2. Adjustable guide wheels: Adjust the adjustable guide wheels on the laminating machine and select different spacings according to the size of the material to be laminated. The adjustable guide wheels are mainly used to convey and locate the material. 

3. Temperature setting: Set the lamination temperature according to the performance and thickness of the selected lamination film, usually between 140-170°C. Excessive temperature can cause the film to soften excessively, and too low temperature cannot bond well. 

4. Speed setting: Set the conveying speed of the laminating machine. The film speed is usually between 0.5-3 meters/minute. Too high speed will affect the bonding effect, and too low speed will reduce production efficiency.  

5. Material conveying: Place the material to be laminated on the feed table and send it into the heating/pressure zone of the laminating machine through the adjustable guide wheels. 

6. Pressure adjustment: Select pressure matching with the material for the upper and lower pressure rollers to press the heated film and base material together to achieve bonding effect. Excessive pressure may damage the base material, and too little pressure cannot laminate well. 

7. Film reel replacement: When the film is used up, open the film rack to replace the new film roll. Ensure that the film is placed and guided correctly. 8. Regularly clean the laminating machine, including pressure rollers, guide wheels, conveyor belts, etc., to ensure normal operation of the equipment and lamination effect.

Following the above steps to properly use and maintain the laminating machine can provide us with high-quality lamination processing services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask online. 

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