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Full pneumatic liquid and paste filling machine features

Here are the main characteristics of fully pneumatic horizontal paste filler:1. Fully pneumatic control: The whole filling process is controlled by pneumatic pressure and pneumatic components, which is precise and reliable without electromagnetic interference. This control method is simple and durable, which can reduce circuit failures.  2. Horizontal structure: The main machine adopts a horizontal slide table structure. The paste flows through a fully enclosed chute without contact conveying to prevent contamination. This structure is simple and versatile, easy to clean and maintain. 3. High efficiency filling: Pneumatic suction pumps are used to quickly extract the specified capacity of paste for high-speed and precise filling. It achieves fast and efficient automatic filling. 4. Automatic capping: After filling, the caps are automatically closed to achieve fully automated production. Reducing manual operation and improving production efficiency. 5. High productivity: It can achieve high-speed automatic filling production of 2,000-10,000 tubes/hour. Greatly improving production capacity. 6. Corrosion resistant materials: The main components are made of stainless steel or engineering plastics, durable and corrosion resistant. Suitable for pastes and liquids with various chemical properties. 7. Wide application: It can be used for filling various pastes and liquids such as shampoo, emulsion, cream and cosmetics. 8. Stable and reliable: The use of linear guide rails and dovetail slides maximizes filling accuracy and stability. Ensuring product quality. 9. Low maintenance: The pneumatic system is simple, reliable and easy to maintain regularly, reducing the subsequent use cost.In summary, the fully pneumatic horizontal paste filler is automated, efficient, simple and practical, widely used and low cost. It is an ideal filling solution for the cosmetics and daily chemical industries. 
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