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Discuss the skin packing machine

skin packing machine is an automatic packaging equipment, mainly used for cartoning, that is, attaching packaging materials such as paperboard and plastic film to the surface of products for packaging. Its main functions are:1. Automatically attach packaging materials like paperboard, plastic film, etc. to the surface of products to achieve automatic packaging. 2. It can achieve quantitative supply and cutting of packaging materials to achieve precise packaging.3. Greatly improve packaging efficiency and quality, reduce manual operation and achieve automated production.The main structure of cartoning machine consists of the following parts:1. Packaging material supply system: provide flat packaging materials such as paperboard and plastic film. 2. Packaging material cutting system: cut the supplied packaging materials into specified sizes and shapes. 3. Packaging material conveying system: accurately convey the cut packaging materials to the packaging position.4. Packaging execution system: precisely attach the packaging materials to the surface of the products to complete the packaging process.  5. Product conveying system: sequentially convey the products to be packaged into the cartoning machine to achieve automatic continuous packaging.6. Electrical control system: automatically control the entire packaging process to ensure packaging accuracy and efficiency.Cartoning machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. They can achieve packaging such as paper boxes, plastic bags, paper trays, etc., and truly realize packaging automation.The main advantages of cartoning machines are high efficiency, high precision and good packaging quality. It is a relatively advanced packaging equipment and is widely used in product packaging.

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