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Advantages of Using Sealing Rings for Filling Machines

The main advantages of using sealing rings for filling machines are:

1. Good sealing effect - Reliably prevent liquid and gas leaks.

2. Easy to use - Simple and quick installation and removal.

3. Low sealing pressure - Reduces mechanical wear and energy consumption.

4. Wide sealing range - Can be used for static and dynamic sealing.

5. Long seal life - Well-made seals can be reused.

6. Low cost - Lower use and maintenance costs compared to mechanical seals.

7. Self-healing - Seals can self-repair seals when surfaces are damaged.

8. Corrosion resistance - Corrosion resistant materials can be chosen.

9. High temperature resistance - Special materials can withstand up to 300°C.

10. Shock absorption - Absorbs impacts and vibrations to protect sealing surfaces.

In summary, using seals can simplify design, improve sealing performance of filling machines, and prolong service life. 

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