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CECLE Machine

V Type powder Blender, Laboratory blending machine

V Type powder Blender, Laboratory blending machine

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V Type powder Blender information

1.Compact structure, simple operation, stable operation, no noise;
2. It can adapt to the mixing of various materials, and the uniformity rate is 98%;
3. When mixing materials with frictional properties, the V-type mixer has a good mixing effect;
4. When mixing materials with good fluidity and similar physical properties, a better mixing effect can be obtained;


Model  V-100 V-200 V-500
Production capacity(kg) 40 80 200
Mixing time(min) 4-8 6-10 6-10
Full volume 100 200 500
Stirring speed(r/min) 12 12 12
Power(kw) 0.75 1.1 2.2
Machine size(mm) 1600*650*1300 1700*650*1500 2500*1220*2420
Machine weight(kg) 280 320 550
Model  V-1000 V-1500 V-2500
Production capacity(kg) 400 600 1000
Mixing time(min) 6-10 6-10 6-10
Full volume 1000 1500 2500
Stirring speed(r/min) 12 12 12
Power(kw) 4 4 7.5
Machine size(mm) 2975*1660*3000 3190*1990*3790 3900*1990*3790
Machine weight(kg) 950 2000 2000


V Type powder Blender is composed of two cylinders welded together in a V shape, and the shape of the container is asymmetric with respect to the axis. Due to the rotating movement, the powder and granular bodies are continuously alternated, divided and merged in the inclined cylinder. The material is randomly transferred from one area to another, and at the same time, there is a slippage between the powder and granular particles, and the space is superimposed multiple times. V Type powder Blender are continuously distributed on the newly generated surface, so that the shearing and diffusion movement are repeated to achieve mixing.

V Type powder BlenderV Type powder Blender

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