Collection: Compress Packaging Machine

Vacuum compression packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that seals products and packaging materials in a confined space using the principle of vacuum suction. Its main functions are:

1. Use a vacuum pump to generate a vacuum, place the product inside the packaging material and evacuate the air inside the packaging material to make the packaging material closely attached to the product surface.  

2. Seal the edges of the packaging material to completely isolate the product from the environment and protect the product. Heat sealing is commonly used. 

3. Fully automatic packaging, mechanically conveying products and packaging materials, and controlling the vacuum and sealing process without manual operation. Greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

4. The vacuum environment can achieve sterilization effect at the same time and extend the shelf life of products. Vacuum packaging can also be used for product grafting. 

5. The vacuum compression packaging machine is simple to operate and low cost. Flexible plastic bags are inexpensive and cost-effective.