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CECLE packaging machinery

One color Automatic roll to roll screen printing machine for PVC film with drying machine

One color Automatic roll to roll screen printing machine for PVC film with drying machine

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Main Features

1,Automatical feeder

● Opto-electrical+swing-controlled feeding, applicable for various materials feeding.

● Frequency-converted motor controls feeding, with stable and adjustable speed.

● Set stop and alarm functions for no-charging and machine failure.

2,Full automatic computerized numerical screen printing machine

● Multicolor automatic tracing contraposition, Japanese Mitsu PLC+German CK color patch sensor

controlling system, precise and stable contraposition and registration.

● Printing automatic calculation, stop and alarm automatically when reaching stated quantity.

● To set stop and alarm functions for no-charging and machine failure.

● To adopt Japanese servo motor drive for squeegee. The ink reclaiming, position and speed of

printing can be set separate; ink reclaiming uniform, stable printing, printing consistently and clearly,

uneasy to appear color shading and drain stipple.

● To set automatic dust collection function to remove dust on prints that improves product conformity


To set off-net function. Screen plate releases off the prints in an inclined angle along with squeegee

when printing and the lightface stipple is distinct in high-speed operation, not easy to adhesive to web.

It's applicable for printing special inks such as large area of impression pattern, glue, etc.

● The machine has set manual air drafting function, the speed and strength are adjustable.

● To set separate adjusting devices for squeegee pressures to ensure the stability of squeegee

pressure and to improve precision and stability of registration as well as the reducibility of printed


● It can print various special materials, such as various winding materials include: PET, PVC, PC,

membrane, transfer paper, tetoron, self-adhesive label paper, etc.

3, Full automatic uv dryer

●There are 2 sets of 3KW (6KW) UV light source system, please utilize it according to the detailed requirement ●The imported Teflon mesh belt conveyor, it is enjoying precise production, smooth running , and restful. 

●The speed of conveyor is adjustable,it can be adjusted any reasonable speed you need. 

●Precise and imported photo spot, high reflective lampshade, quick drying. 

●The illuminating height of UV shade is also adjustable. 

●The operating current of UV lamp is showed outside so as to control the working status. 

●There is a heat-extraction system to keep a high-efficiency working environment .

4,Full automatic energy-saving IR dryer

● Uniform and stable temperature of automatic constant temperature IR warming air-drafting cyclic


● Add peeling-off paper function, applicable for printing adhesive or special inks to avoid damages of

product conglutination.

● Add destaticizing function to eliminate damages of static to human body and to avoid charged

product.easy to collect dust, reduce product pollution.

● Convolute hanging drying design to ensure that products are even heated products, quick drying

but non-deforming, low electricity consumption and small footprint thus to minimize power

consumption and save energy.

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