Lightweight Mini Air Easi Small Tabletop Air Cushion Pillow Bag Sealed Machine

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Looking for an affordable tabletop bubble cushion machine? This is the ultra small air cushion machine – Mini Air Easi. It weighs only 5.3 pounds and is smaller than a 17 inch laptop!

If you have limited storage space for packing peanuts and prefilled bubble wrapping, look no further, this ultra portable air cushion machine has a smaller footprint than a laptop. It’s a great alternative to bulky bubble packing materials. It will make your workspace much more organized and neat.

This one little machine makes industrial strength packaging supplies with 2 different types of inflatable packaging.

The result, you get superior bubble materials, product protection made on demand that cost less and take up a fraction of the space of traditional bubble wrapping, packing peanuts or other void fill packaging supplies.

The Mini Air Easi is reliable, easy to operate and cost effective. The cost of the machine will be quickly offset by lowering labor and reducing cost of storing and using bulky packing materials.


Roll bag:  2800pcs/roll

Package Include:

1 X Air Cushion Machine 



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