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CECLE Machine

Farm tractor

Farm tractor

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Agricultural tractor, a tractor used for agricultural production. According to function, it can be divided into: universal type, mainly used for field operations; Intermediate tillage type, used for intercropping crops; Horticultural type, used in gardens, orchards, nurseries, etc; Paddy field type, used for paddy field operations; Slope type, used for slope operations; Skidding type, used for logging and transportation operations in forest areas.

model Number of drives horsepower  PTO output Gear position
WT-504 4 50HP 6keys 8+8
WT-704 4 70HP 6keys 8+8
WT-904 4 90HP 8keys 12+12
WT-1004 4 100HP 8keys 12+12
WT_1104 4 110HP 8keys 12+12
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