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CECLE Machine

DZ-420 Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine with Two 16-17/32" Seal Bar

DZ-420 Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine with Two 16-17/32" Seal Bar

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Operation Procedure

1. Turn on the Power: Enable the power switch, the emergency stop indicator light. Set the evacuation and hot-sealing dial to the relative time;

2. Put packing plastic bags into vacuum chamber. Put the bags around the sealing bar in tidy. (If need to pack bags with gas-flush, please put a mouth into bags )

3. Press down the cover, the evacuation (vacuum) indicator lights , the vacuum pump starts evacuation and the cover is automatically attracted. Vacuum can be adjusted by means of the vacuum time dial per the packing requirement and adjustments should be done from low to high with a small amplitude.

4. When the set time (the desired vacuum) reaches, evacuation ends and the evacuation indicator goes out. Set the power switch to the vacuum position, the vacuum packing begins and theair-filling indicator goes out.

5. Along with the evacuation in dicator goes out, the hot-sealing indicator lights to enter the sealing procedure. The adjustable knobs for both hot-sealing time and temperature on the panel are equipped with for the materials of different thickness. To adjustthe knobs, please use a small amplitude of rotation so as to prevent the hot-sealing temperature from being raised in a sudden, thus burning the hot-sealingfittings.

6. When the set time forhot-sealing reached, the hot-sealing indicator goes out and the hot-sealing ends, then air goes into the vacuum chamber via the electromagnetic valve till the cover lifted automatically, the process of vacuum, air-filling and packing ends and next such a process is ready.



Seal length

16-17/32" (420mm) × 2

Seal width

 25/64" (10mm)

Chamber size

16-17/32" × 16-17/32" × 4-23/32" ( 420 × 420 ×120 mm )

Power supply

110V 60HZ

Motor power

1hp ( 0.75kW )

Packing speed

13 times/min


1 - 1.5hp ( 0.8 - 1.1kW )

Vacuum chamber material

304 food grade stainless steel


187 lb (85kg)


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