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CECLE Machine

Nylon plastic frozen reusable seal vacuum bags storage for packaging

Nylon plastic frozen reusable seal vacuum bags storage for packaging

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Vacuum packaging bag size description

Size Inch
1# 10*15cm/4"*6"
2# 10*20cm/4"*8"
3# 15*20cm/6"*8"
4# 20*35cm/8"*14"
5#   20*40 cm/8“x16”
6#     25*25 cm/10"*10"
7# 25*30cm/10"*12"
8#     25*35 cm10“x14”


  • Precut bags, sealed on three sides
  • PE, PET material
  • BPA Free and FDA Approved materials
  • Freezer, Boil and Microwave Safe
  • Our best bags. Our lowest price
  • Can prolong the shouming of food
  • The vacuum fresh-keeping machine can not only extend the fresh-keeping time of food, but also can be used on food that is fragile, easy to fall, and easy to agglomerate
  • The vacuum fresh-keeping machine is also very simple to use and does not require any special training. It is very easy to use. You only need to plug in the power before use, and then open the lid on the vacuum fresh-keeping machine, and put the food that needs to be kept fresh into the vacuum fresh-keeping bag In the middle, put the food bag into the vacuum chamber as flatly as possible to avoid unevenness and affect the vacuum effect. After the bag enters the vacuum chamber, put your hands on the left and right sides of the lid, try not to press at the same time, adjust the humidity according to the voice prompt, press the vacuum seal, and start pumping to complete the seal.
  • Vacuum fresh-keeping machines have strict requirements on packaging materials, mainly to avoid the exchange of things in the packaging bag, effectively avoid weight loss and loss of flavor of food, and avoid secondary pollution.
  • The vacuum fresh-keeping machine not only has the function of oxygen removal and quality preservation of vacuum packaging, but also has the functions of resistance to pressure and gas, and can keep the original taste of the food for a long time.


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