Carton Box Strapping Machine,Automatic strapping sealing machine for carton box

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Carton Box Strapping Machine

Carton box strapping machine of description
1.Carton box strapping machine are mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used either independently or as anecessary part of a production line.
2.Conveyor belt is mounted in left or right side.
3.Carton is transmitted by two side's conveyor belts.
4.Adjust sealing height and width by hand according to the size of carton, then put carton on worktable, and carton will be
transmitted through and sealed with tape automatically at the same time.
5. The carton can be packed by strapping tape, let the carton be stronger.
6.And the carton box strapping machine can be controlled to strap once or twice by operating the knob on the panel.

How to operate it 

The first step is to seal different sizes of cartons with tape, and the second step is to seal directly by the strapping machine


Carton box strapping machineCarton box strapping machineCarton box strapping machineCarton box strapping machine

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