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What is Semi-automatic Strapping Machine?

Semi-automatic strapping machine is a mechanical device used for strapping packaged products.

Its main structure and working principle are as follows:

1. Feeding system: The products to be strapped are automatically or manually placed on the conveyor belt.

2. Conveying system: Conveys the products to the strapping zone.

3. Strapping system: When the products are processed to the set position, the strapping device automatically starts up to strap the products. Common strapping methods include plastic strapping, metal wire strapping, etc.

4. Cutting system: Automatically cuts the strapping material after strapping is completed.

5. Discharging system: Discharges the strapped products from the machine.

6. Control system: Uses electrical control cabinet, PLC or computer controller to control the operation of the semi-automatic strapping machine.

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