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What are the characteristics of commercial fish killing machines?

- Stainless steel construction - Sanitary food-grade stainless steel used for areas contacting fish to facilitate cleaning.
- Waterproof design - Electrical components are protected from water exposure during the stunning process.
- Precise voltage control - Provides adjustable voltage settings to effectively stun different types and sizes of fish.
- Low frequency operation - Uses lower frequency (30-60 Hz) current to induce paralysis quickly without muscle contractions.
- Automated operation - Sophisticated control panel automates the stunning sequence for consistent results with minimal labor.
- Safety features - Built-in emergency stop button, voltage indicator light, ground fault protection for operator safety.
- Portable unit - Wheeled design with handles allows easily moving the stunner near work areas.
- Low maintenance - Durable commercial construction requires little maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

Automatic commercial fish killing machine with open belly and back

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