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How Does Pad Printing Machine Work

The main characteristics of pad printing machines are: clear printing, rich colors, no burrs, suitable for mass production. It is mainly used for printing paper packaging, as well as printing fabrics, plastic films and other materials.
The working principle of the pad printing machine is to transfer ink between the concave plate and the convex plate by using the plate difference, and print text, patterns or images on the substrate. Its specific working process is as follows:
1. Plate making: Manufacture concave plates and convex plates according to design requirements. The concave plates correspond to the pattern parts and the convex plates correspond to the non-pattern parts. The plate difference between the two plates corresponds to the pattern.
2. Adding ink: Apply an even layer of ink on the convex plate by roller coating or scraping.
3. Color matching: Align and cover the convex plate with the concave plate, leaving the ink layer only on the pattern part corresponding to the concave plate.
4. Printing: Place the color-matched concave-convex plate on the printing table of the pad printing machine and cover it on the surface of the substrate.
5. Apply a certain pressure to the substrate through the rollers or handwheel device of the pad printing machine.
6. The rollers or handwheel device rotate, driving the concave-convex plate to move, and the ink layer is transferred to the surface of the substrate, realizing printing.
7. Remove the printed concave-convex plate from the substrate, and one sheet or one batch of printing is completed.
8. Then repeat the steps of adding ink, color matching and printing for the next batch production.

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