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What products is the gilding technique applied to?

- Picture frames: Gilding is commonly used to decorate picture frames to make them look more luxurious and elegant. Gold foil or gold leaf is applied to the surface of the wooden or composite picture frames.

- Furniture: Gilding is also used to decorate furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. Especially for antique or classic styled furniture, gilding technique helps to achieve an opulent appearance.

- Ceramics or glassware: Gilding can be applied to vases, bowls, glasses, bottles, etc. A layer of gold foil or gold paint is adhered to the surface of the ceramics and glassware. This is a decorative technique used for luxury ceramics and glassware.  

- Books: Gilding technique is used to decorate the edges of books or the titles on book covers and spines to make the books look valuable and high-end.

- Architectural details: Gilding can be found on the architectural details of religious buildings, royal buildings as well as mansions. Moldings, trimmings, doors, window sills, etc. are gilded to showcase prestige.

- Leather products: Gilding is used on leather products like handbags, belts, diary covers, cigar cases, etc. Gold foil or gold paint is applied to the high-quality leather to give an opulent and lavish appearance. 

- Artworks: Gilding is used by artists to decorate paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. Application of gold foil or gold leaf helps to make focal points and helps convey artistic expressions.

In summary, gilding technique is widely used in furniture, ceramics, glassware, books, leather goods, architectures as well as artworks to decorate and enhance their appearances. The luxuriousness and lavishness of gold helps to signify value and convey aesthetics.

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