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What is desktop electric bottle capping machine

A desktop automatic capper is a machine used for automatically capping jars and bottles. It mainly uses electricity as power and is fixed on a desktop during operation. 
The main features and functions include:
• High efficiency: Can cap hundreds of caps per minute, with high working efficiency.
• Automatic: No manual operation is required,  can achieve batch automatic capping.
• Powerful: Can tightly cap lids of different specifications.
• Portable: The volume is generally small, the weight is slightly heavy, and it is easy to fix on the workbench for use.
The main components include:
• Motor: Provides driving force to make the capping action.  
• Gears: Transmits the motor's rotation to the lid through deceleration and increases torque.
• Lid clamping part: Used to fix the lid to achieve rotation to cap the bottle.
• Lid feeding system: Implements continuous input of lids of different specifications.
In summary, the benchtop automatic capper is a device that utilizes electric power to achieve automatic capping, mainly used in batch production lines.
Using a benchtop automatic capper can:
1. Improve production efficiency
2. Reduce labor costs 
3. Provide a stable torque for capping
4. Tightly cap lids of different specifications.
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