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What is box wrapping machine


1. Convey empty boxes to packaging table for wrapping
2. Feed packaging film for wrapping
3. Automatically wrap packaging film around the box body
4. Heat shrinkage - use heat source to tightly wrap the packaged box
5. Packaged boxes convey from outlet platformThe entire automatic packaging process is fast and efficient, greatly reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency. It is widely used in the packaging of foods, medicines, daily chemicals and other products.

Here are the main advantages of box wrapping machine in English:

1. Waterproof and moistureproof: Lamination can effectively prevent water or other liquids from penetrating and protect documents or products from humid environments.

2. Wear-resistant and shockproof: The surface of lamination film is smooth and wear-resistant, which can well protect documents or products from external forces such as abrasion, impact and folding.

3. Beautiful appearance: Lamination gives documents or products a smooth appearance, clearer and more beautiful, increasing shelf appeal. 

4. High temperature resistance: Objects treated with high temperature lamination can withstand temperatures above 200°C for a short time, which is very suitable for food and electronic product packaging.

5. More durable: Lamination can significantly improve the tensile strength and rupture strength of documents or products, making them more durable. 

6. Anti-static: Optional anti-static lamination materials can effectively prevent charge accumulation and protect precision electronic components.

7. Environmentally friendly: High-quality lamination films are non-toxic and harmless, meeting food hygiene standards and safe for humans and the environment. 

8. Convenient processing: The lamination process is simple, fast, requires no complex equipment and is easy to operate, greatly improving production efficiency.

9. Low cost: Compared with other packaging methods, lamination equipment, materials and processing costs are lower, with higher cost performance. In summary, the laminating machine has the advantages of waterproofing, wear resistance, reinforcement, antistatic, heat resistance and beautiful appearance.  It is an ideal and efficient packaging solution at low cost. 


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