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What is an intelligent steamed bun machine?

• Folds dough efficiently: Quickly and evenly folds flat dough into small squares with layered pastry for curry bread. This allows efficient preparation of many dough pieces required for mass production. 

• Adjustable thickness: Adjustable rollers allow you to control the thickness of the dough during sheeting and folding. This results in uniformly sized dough squares suitable for your needs.

• Easy operation: Simple controls and guides make the curry bread folder easy to use even for beginners. Loading, sheeting, folding and unloading of dough can be done by a single operator. 

• High volume: Capable of processing larger quantities of dough, typically 10 kilograms or more at once. This allows for high production of curry bread to meet commercial and industrial demands.

• Durable construction: Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, aluminum and nylon components to handle large batches of dough without damage or excessive wear. Built for longevity in busy commercial kitchens and bakeries. 

• Removable parts: Key parts like rollers, scrapers and cutting blades are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. This makes daily cleaning and sanitation of the curry bread folder convenient. 

• Safety features: Equipped with finger guards, emergency stop buttons and overload protection for safe operation. All parts meet food-grade standards to prevent contamination.

• Electric or manual: Available in fully electric models or manual hand-crank models for flexibility. Electric models offer powered dough sheeting and folding for high efficiency. Manual models are more affordable and compact. 

• Optional accessories: Some include additional tools like dough pumps, lifts, conveyors, etc. for a fully automated curry bread production line. Accessories improve functionality and productivity.  

• Space efficiency: Typically compact in size for smaller kitchens and countertops. The vertical design takes up little floor space. This is suitable for tight commercial kitchen layouts or home businesses.

Commercial automation intellect steam bun making machine

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