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What is an airport luggage stretch film machine

The airport baggage stretching wrapping machine is a mechanical device that wraps passenger checked baggage into tubular or belt shapes, mainly used for airport baggage transportation and sorting processes.This mechanical equipment has a high degree of automation and intelligence, high efficiency, and can greatly reduce the work intensity of airport baggage operators, improve baggage handling capacity and cargo flow efficiency.
The working principle of the airport baggage stretching wrapping machine is basically the same as that of an ordinary wrapping machine, that is, wrapping and stretching are achieved by controlling the feeding of film and the high-speed rotation of the roller. Its main features are:
1. The film material used is stretch film, which has very high elasticity to suit various shapes of baggage.
2. The mechanism is cleverly designed to continuously wrap baggage of different shapes and sizes without stopping, achieving automated operation.
3. There are multiple stretching rollers on the reel to flexibly control the stretching force by adjusting the rotation speed of the stretching rollers, so as not to over-stretch the film.
4. The mechanical linkage system can accurately control the feeding amount and stretching amount of the film to make the packaging quality of each package of baggage basically the same.
5. The finished package of baggage can be neatly stacked for easy transportation and sorting. It can also be directly loaded on the shuttle car to complete sorting and transportation.
6. stretch films are used to firmly wrap baggage and prevent slipping or damage. The heat shrinkage process does not require external heating and is more environmentally friendly and safe.
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