What is a Circular Heat Transfer Printing Machine

What is a Circular Heat Transfer Printing Machine

A circular heat transfer printing machine is a specialized device for printing on cylindrical surfaces.

Its main features are:

1. Designed for cylinders: Adopts arc-shaped printing fixtures matching cylindrical surfaces.

2. Large area printing: Can print around cylinders seamlessly for 360 degrees.

3. High temperature transfer: Uses a 180-220°C high temperature transfer system.

4. Rotary drive: The cylinder is mounted on a rotating shaft for printing.

5. Multi-color modules: CMYK four-color and white printing modules can be configured.

6. High precision: The hot press printing platform ensures print quality up to 600 DPI resolution.

7. Fast printing: Professional equipment can print hundreds of cylinders per hour.

8. Intelligent control: PLC program control, HMI touch screen operation.

9. Burn prevention: Insulation layers protect operators.

10. Extensive application: Applicable for exterior printing on various tubes, barrels, cans, etc.

In summary, the circular thermal transfer printer enables efficient, customized printing for cylindrical products, an ideal device for enhancing product appearance. 

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