What is a bucket Heat Transfer Printing Machine

What is a bucket Heat Transfer Printing Machine

A bucket heat transfer printing machine is a device specifically designed for printing on barrels.

Its characteristics are:

1. Designed for barrels: Considering the cylindrical structure of barrels, it adopts an arc-shaped printing fixture to fit the barrel body.

2. Large area printing: It can print patterns, texts and logos across the entire barrel surface.

3. High temperature transfer: Printing at 180-220°C allows the inks to penetrate deep into the barrel material.

4. Rotary printing: The barrel rotates on a rolling shaft for 360-degree wraps around printing.

5. Multi-color printing: Multi-color rotation modules can be configured for repeated printing on the same barrel.

6. High efficiency: Professional equipment can print dozens of barrels per hour.

7. PLC control: PLC and touch screen controls allow storage of multiple styles.

8. Automation: Automatic barrel feeding, positioning, clamping, printing and ejection enable automated operation.

9. Safety protection: Safety guard doors ensure safer operation.

10. Wide application: Applicable for outer surface printing on various barrels, cans and cylinders.

In summary, the barrel thermal transfer printer enables efficient personalized production on barrel exteriors.

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