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What are the benefits of MINI oil press?

- Compact size - Designed to have a small footprint and take up minimal counter space. Typically under 12 inches wide.

- Low-capacity press - Presses small batches of seeds/nuts, usually 1-3 cups per use. Good for personal or light use.- Manual operation

- Powered by hand-cranking the press instead of electricity. Provides exercise and control over pressure.

- Cold-press method - Does not use heat to gently extract oil while retaining nutrients. Preserves oil quality.

- Solid construction - Durability from using metals like stainless steel in press body and crusher. Long-lasting. 

- Multiple nozzles - Comes with nozzles to press different oils, like cottonseed, peanut, sesame, etc. Versatile.

- Easy to disassemble - Simple design allows quick dismantling for cleaning individual parts after each use.- Affordable price

- Compact size and manual operation makes it a relatively low-cost oil making option. Good for home use.- Quiet operation

- The hand-cranked press has quiet action, unlike loud electric motors.- Adjustable pressure

- Control how much pressure is applied to the crushed seeds by varying cranking speed.- High oil yield

- Efficiently extracts a sizable portion of oil from the input seeds and nuts.


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