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The benefits of using manual screen printing tables

1. Easy to operate with a low learning curve. Manual screen printing tables are simple and intuitive to operate without complicated electronic control systems. They are easy to get started with and use, with a low learning curve, suitable for beginners.
2. Low equipment investment and low cost. Manual screen printing tables have a simple structure without motors and complex mechanical transmission systems. They are easy to manufacture with low equipment investment and maintenance costs.
3. High printing accuracy, suitable for small batch boutique production. Manual screen printing tables have an open working space and flexible operation. By repeated proofing, the thickness of the ink layer and the printing effect can be precisely controlled, with high printing accuracy, which is very suitable for small batch and boutique printing production.
4. No noise pollution and environmentally friendly. Manual screen printing tables do not produce mechanical noise during operation, nor electromagnetic radiation. It is a very environmentally friendly printing equipment.
5. Suitable for printing on a variety of materials. Manual screen printing tables can print on a variety of materials such as paper, fabrics, leather, plastics, metals, etc., with a wide range of uses.
6. Low cost of printing plates and other consumables. Manual screen printing tables use low-cost printing plates and other consumables, with little impact on printing costs.

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