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The advantages of using ACW-88 box wrapping machine

Here are the advantages of using ACW-88 wrapping machine:

1. High performance: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts an advanced electronic temperature control system and PID temperature control technology. The temperature control accuracy is up to ±1°C, which can achieve lamination processing of complex shapes and different materials. 

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts electronic temperature control and intelligent sleep function to effectively reduce carbon consumption and achieve low carbon energy saving. At the same time, it adopts insulation design with the outer temperature close to room temperature, providing a comfortable working environment for operators. 

3. High protection: The automatic upper and lower laminating system of ACW-88 wrapping machine can achieve full edge lamination of paper sheets and different shapes, providing good sealing and protection. 

4. High stability: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts a double paper feed table design and air assisted upper and lower laminating system to ensure stable paper feeding and product quality.    

5. Low failure rate: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts low glass temperature insulating heating rods and PID temperature control technology to effectively prevent overheating and blistering of the film, greatly reducing the production failure rate. 

6. High reliability: ACW-88 wrapping machine selects high-quality electronic components and transmission parts. The mechanical parts are made of precision CNC machining to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the equipment. 

7. Easy to maintain: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts a modular design. Each part can be quickly disassembled, repaired and replaced for easy and quick maintenance to minimize downtime. 

8. Low cost: ACW-88 wrapping machine adopts high-performance and low-cost parts and precise design to achieve high performance and low energy consumption with high cost-effectiveness.

In summary, the use of ACW-88 wrapping machine can achieve efficient automatic lamination processing, reduce labor costs, improve product quality and production efficiency. It is a high-performance laminating equipment with high cost-effectiveness.

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