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Reasons for keeping the faucet on commercial gas stoves

Here are some common reasons why commercial gas ranges require the faucet to be kept running constantly :

- Cooling the pilot lights - The small constant flow of water helps cool the pilot light area and prevent overheating. This extends the life of the pilot lights.

- Preventing clogs - The running water prevents limescale and debris buildup which could clog the faucet or pipes over time. This is especially important with hard water.

- Maintaining water pressure - Keeping the water flowing helps maintain steady water pressure which is optimal for the range's operations. Fluctuating pressure could affect burner performance.

- Priming the gas lines - The flowing water helps keep the gas lines fully primed and ready to deliver gas instantly when burners are switched on. This ensures quick burner ignition.

- Reducing risk of gas buildup - If there is a gas leak, the running water can help prevent gas accumulating and reaching combustible levels. It acts as a safety precaution.- Convenience for users

- Chefs may prefer having a small stream of water always available for conveniently filling pots or cleaning at the range.

- Compliance with codes - Some commercial kitchen regulations require gas appliance faucets to be left running as a safety measure.In summary, the constant water flow serves mainly operational and safety purposes for commercial gas ranges. 

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