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Is the small dual purpose Meat grinder easy to carry and use?

- Compact size - Designed with a smaller footprint to save counter space in home or small commercial kitchens.- Dual operation modes

- Allows both coarse grinding and fine mincing with interchangeable plates. Good for sausages or burgers.

- Powerful motor - Despite small size, delivers adequate power for grinding meat through die plates. Usually around 300 watts.- Reverse function

- Helps clear jams by momentarily reversing auger rotation when needed. Prevents motor burnout. 

- Fast grinding speed - Processes meat through quickly and efficiently for continuous use. Typically around 4 pounds per minute.

- Stainless steel construction - Meat hopper, auger, plates, housing are stainless steel for durability and easy sanitizing.

- Sausage attachment - Comes with sausage stuffing tubes and casing kit for making homemade sausages.- Dishwasher-safe parts - Grinder plates, blades and hopper can be cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience.

- Cool-touch housing - Special housing stays cool during extended grinding for safety.- Quiet operation

- Grinds meat relatively quietly compared to industrial grinders. Good for home kitchens.- Easy to assemble - Straightforward design with just a few parts makes it simple to set up, use and clean.  

Commercial Double Use Meat Mincer and Food Slicer Sausage Meat Grinder

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