How to operate DDX-450 electric desktop plastic bottle capping machine

Here are the steps for using the DDX-450 desktop Electric Capper:

1. Equipment Installation

- Place the equipment on a flat and stable workbench and fix it in position.

- Connect the power properly and ensure the grounding wire is reliably connected. 

- Check that the drive chain is intact and firmly connected.

2. Equipment Commissioning

- Turn on the power switch and check if the motor and drive are running normally.

- Adjust the capping speed, keep it generally between 200-300 rpm. 

- Test run it on no load and ensure the motion is flexible and no abnormal noise.

3. Operation Process

- Align the bottle mouth with the capping head, the capping head will automatically clamp the cap.

- Press the start button, the motor will drive the capping head to rotate and screw the cap onto the bottle mouth.

- Wait until capping is completed, release the bottle mouth and take out the capped bottle.

- Repeat the above steps to complete batch capping operations.

4. Precautions- Select matching capping heads for different bottle sizes.

- Keep the equipment clean to avoid residue on the bottle mouth and cap affecting the capping effect.

- Regularly add lubricating oil to keep the drive chain flexible.

- Stop and repair immediately if any failure occurs.

The above are the basic steps for using the DDX-450 desktop Electric Capper, operate according to the actual situation. Please contact us for technical support if you have any questions during use. 

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