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How to make commercial soybean milk more fragrant?

- Stone grinding - Uses real stones to grind soybeans instead of blending, preserving more nutrition.

- Simple operation - Just add soybeans and water, then press a button to produce fresh soy milk.

- Adjustable grind - Allows customizing the texture of soy milk from fine to coarse.

- Authentic flavor - Stone-ground soybeans release a fuller, nuttier flavor.

- Compact size - Typically a benchtop design with small footprint fitting home kitchens.

- Easy cleaning - Main parts like soy milk pitcher and grinding stones detach for easy washing.

- Fast heating - Built-in heating system quickly brings soy milk to ideal drinking temperature.

- Safe and eco-friendly - Uses brushless motor to avoid contamination. Food-grade materials for health.

- Efficient production - Makes 3-4 cups of soy milk in 15-20 minutes, meeting household needs.

Industrial and commercial high-yield soybean milk machine

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